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Musician and sound artist born 1987 in Barcelona, currently based in Berlin. Influenced by ambient, drone, experimental and techno, and with a special interest on psychoacoustics and music technology, he is moving between music, sound art, new media and performance. His debut album ‘Some music comes from the cellar’ was presented at Sonar Barcelona 2009 and released by the spanish label Miga. During the last years, he has been invited to realize multimedia projects in New York, Detroit and Berlin. Meanwhile he founded the Thalamus Lab collective and established connections with art centers and music communities, that he would use to start exploring models of collective creation with the XSL project. Lately, he collaborated with Stratofyzika in the production of Thæta, a movement-based interactive audiovisual performance showcased in Germany and Brasil.

aliases: Davic Nod / Clicks & Keys / Alpha Cephei
recent projects: XSL / Thæta

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11.03.2015 – 31.04.2015 XSL presentation and open discussion at Loophole (Berlin, Germany), Harvestworks (New York, US), Niu (Barcelona, Spain) and Netlabelism (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

19.06.2015 Davic Nod @ Sónar Festival


“Some music comes from cellar” sounds like a trip into another world. Davic Nod a producer from Barcelona builds up wonderful atmospheres with shuffling beats and hypnotic sounding pads. Some parts of this ep reminds me of the present works of Röyksopp mixed up with a little bit Massive Attack on the other side. Every track paints his unique pictures in my head and i can get totally lost within the sound. One of my highlights is the Mi Nube Remix by Davic Nod. A wonderful piano layer over a epic atmosphere. This EP is definitely one of my highlights this year. If you like atmospheres and sometimes strange arrangements this one could also easily become a highlight for you.”

Markus Scholz from Netlabelism

“After appearing at the 2009 Sonar Festival, Davic Nod turned his attention to this glorious EP – at times eerie and eccentric, and other times, drenched in a Boards of Canada vibe. Two tracks feature the talents of classically trained Gabriela Parra.”

Fwonk Blog

“El trabajo de Davic Nod es emotivo, bonito y con algunos detalles ciertamente prometedores.”

“The work of Davic Nod is emotional, beautiful and with some details certainly promising.

Christian Negre from Phlow Magazine

“…os presento las canciones con las que yo le descubrí y que no me canso de escuchar.”

“…I present you the songs with which I discovered him that I’m never tired of listening.”

Miguel Ángel Lastra from Vjspain

“Un excelente EP en el que su creador apuesta por una electrónica evocadora y plácida, con canciones que después de una primera escucha parece que siempre han estado entre nuestra colección de discos.”

“An excellent EP in which the creator goes for an evocative and placid electronic, with songs that after a first listen seem to have always been among our record collection.”

Oir para creer Blog

“Otro tipo sutil que se mueve por espacios etéreos y minimalistas es Davic Nod con su música salida del sótano.”

“Another subtle type that moves between ethereal and minimalist spaces is Davic Nod with his music out of the basement.”

Johnny Delay from Headless Community

“Nice ambient/electronica album, made by Davic Nod, from Barcelona ( according to the Miga netlabel introduction text, Barcelona – and Cataluna – seems to be an interesting place for electronic music… Everybody knows Sonar music festival, but I’m sure there are a lot of new and interesting artists in Cataluna, please, Miga netlabel, let us know !)”

Yamanotedreams Blog

“このDavic Nod、プロフィールを見ると、あのジェフ・ミルズをして「現在存在するフェスティバルの中で最高のクオリティをもつ」といわしめた、あのスペイン、バルセロナの最先端エレクトロ・ミュージックのフェス、Sónarに出演したというミュージシャン。そしてこのアルバムは、そのSónarの時の音源と新作などをあわせたアルバムとなっている模様。


Underground Worldwide

“Denn die Körperimpulse aus den aktiven Muskelkontraktionen der Tänzerin wurden mit einer Licht- und Soundmaschinerie verbunden. Die so entstehenden Licht- und Klangkonstellationen basierten auf dem Prinzip der Rückkopplung mit ihren Muskelkontraktionen. Vorgeführt wurde also eine Symbiose zwischen Mensch und Maschine und der aufmerksamen Betrachter sollte ihren Körper als mit den Reaktionen von Klang und Licht verbunden, wahrnehmen.”

Ramona Ackermann from Cynal (Thæta review)

_Live interview at BTV (Barcelona TV, Spain)

_Appearance at Alien Air Music 88.9 FM (Los Angeles, US)
_Appearance at Spanish Electronic Music on ScannerFM 96.6 FM (Barcelona, Spain)
_Appearance at Carga Descarga on ScannerFM 96.6 FM (Barcelona, Spain)
_Appearance at Atmósfera Especial Nochebuena on RNE Radio 3 (National spanish radio)
_Appearance at Ouèbe Musique on CKRL 89,1 FM Quebec City (Canada)
_Live interview at El día on COM Radio 91 FM (Barcelona, Spain)
_Live interview & show streaming at En directo desde el LEV on ScannerFM 96.6 FM (Barcelona, Spain)
_Appearance at TLIS Radio (Bratislava, Slovakia)
_Appearance at Intangible 23 on Todo Radio 101.9 FM (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, España)
_Appearance at Radio Utopie (Berlin, Germany)
_Appearance at Atmósfera, RNE Radio 3 (National spanish radio)
_Appearance at Versus Electronics by spa.RK, ScannerFM 96.6 FM (Barcelona, Spain)
_Appearance at Piu on Radio Niu (Barcelona, Spain)
_Opening and closing Fluido Rosa on RNE Radio 3 (National spanish radio)
_Live interview at Radio Desvern 98.1 FM (Sant Just Desvern, Spain)


_TellusTools, Harvestworks – Contest winner
_Tiger Flower Circle Sun, Overlap – Selected by Christopher Willits for his remix project
_Reload Music – Contest winner
_iMusic, Primavera Cultural TMB – Selected by Barcelona’s public transport company TMB to play in a regular bus crossing the city
_LEV Festival & ScannerFM – Selected to play at LEV 2011 and to stream live the show at ScannerFM


2015 Presentation of Thæta at Unicorns in Tech hosted by Soundcloud (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Spatial Sound Research at Technische Universität (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Thæta at Cynetart Festival (Dresden, Germany)

2014 Alpha Cephei Live act at Staub (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Alpha Cephei Live act at Abyss (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Live act at Platoon Kunsthalle (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Thæta german premiere at Platoon Kunsthalle (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Live act at Urban Nomads Festival (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Thæta SP (Sao Paulo, Brasil)

2014 Sound Design & Psychoacoustics masterclass at Platoon Kunsthalle (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Live act at 48h Multiversal Sprint (Berlin, Germany)

2014 Thæta at B-Seite (Mannheim, Germany)

2014 Thalamus Lab presentation at Harvestworks (New York, US)

2013 Urban Patterns interactive audiovisual installation at ZKU (Berlin, Germany)

2013 Nasty Neighbor residency at Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik (Berlin, Germany)

2013 Nasty Neighbor residency at North End Studios (Detroit, US)

2013 Reactable Live at New York Electronic Art Festival (New York, US)

2013 Foundation of Thalamus Lab (Barcelona, Spain)

2012 Live act at Betahaus (Berlin, Germany)

2012 Reactable Live at El Cielu (Manresa, Spain)

2012 Reactable Live + Promotional Spot at Manrusionica Festival (Manresa, Spain)

2012 Live act feat. Lady Tape + Reactable at Cau d’Orella (Barcelona, Spain)

2012 Master class + Live act at Mutuo Art Space (Barcelona, Spain)

2011 Masterclass at Costa Contemporánea Festival (Almería, Spain)

2011 Live act at InterACT Festival (Barcelona, Spain)

2011 Live act with iPad in a regular bus at Primavera Cultural TMB (Barcelona, Spain)

2011 Live act at LEV Festival (Gijón, Spain)

2011 Lecture + Live act at Niu art space (Barcelona, Spain)

2010 Live act at Dia de la Música (Barcelona, Spain)

2010 Live act at Impulse (Berlin, Germany)

2009 Live act at Sónar Festival (Barcelona, Spain)

2008 Foundation of Loud Music cultural association at Casal de Joves (Sant Just, Spain)

2008 Live act at Underground Family Festival (Barcelona, Spain)